Among other things, they are not very tenacious at bonding, and so require careful prep/direction following to make them work properly. Bona inspiration for hardwood floors - crafted from trends in fashion, color, home décor and architecture. Supplier Part Number: WB252018003. You would need to check the moisture in the subfloor, humidity in the room and below. 2,346 Views. Do they return when the floor is sanded properly and then coated? Installing an 8" plank with full spread glue is EXPENSIVE (the labour alone is intense). What is the product that you are applying? Mix porcelain w/ ceramic tiles in shwr? Oak-Red Wiping Stains Color Block Set; Oak-Red Spray No Wipe Stains Color Block Set ; Oak-Red Combination Stains Color Block Set; So you would use the sealer (either Nord icSeal ….or one of the other choices if you prefer) and then add 2-3 coats of Bona Traffic HD water based poly on top of that.. White oak is currently a bit more expensive than red oak. Feb 16, 2019 - Overshirt with lapel collar and long sleeves. Hopefully they are very good, because if they are on a tight calendar, they won't have time for a do-over. Mar 27, 2018 - Testing Bona sealers on red oak. Bona Pacific Filler, Red Oak, 1 Gal. Ships from and sold by SanderParts. I know because I compared my raw wood with the white washed/Polycrylic and you could not tell the difference. In my opinion, not so well with spray stain. I think the easiest & SUREST approach for you is to take some of the remnants from your "add-on" and have someone (your finisher) perform a sanding/finishing procedure that will GENUINELY get the samples to the point at which he/she is planning on attaining before stain/oil. Ranked #4 in Wood Filler/Patch. Just going to the floor is not enough. 617-265 … Do you need an insider tip? The 'dry group' is one...the WATER WET is going to be the 'tell all'. For finishing sanding, depending on the color, 150 – 180 grit is all you need. If you are coating red oak, it reduces the pink tones. your own Pins on Pinterest Give a price you can make a living off of and let someone else win the low ball estimates. Jan 5, 2018 - Dan's Floor Store 904.887.8303 whitewashed refinished the old, yellowed red oak wood flooring for homeowners on the TPC side of Sawgrass; they look great! Powered by hydrogen peroxide, this ready to use cleaner cuts through grease and grime and leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. I applied this with a brush over the wood, and wiped off all excess with a rag. Natural, special walnut, white, driftwood, grey, graphite a mixture of 50%white + 50% grey and Nordic seal (which gave the red oak a pink hue). Bona DriFast® Sealer; Woodline® Polyurethane; Natural Penetrating Oil; Bona Craft Oil® 2K; Adhesives/Primers; Bona R851® Bona R850T® Bona R859; Bona R880™ Bona R540; Robus; Waterproof Flooring; Red Oak. British Museum - Korean Gallery 7" Wide European Oak, Tongued and Grooved and Coated with Bona Traffic HD . Finish: Waterborne Polyurethane. The cozy season is here, Brush on some ebony paint and turn a dull doorway into a model of drop-dead sophistication, Suggestions from someone who lost her home to fire — and experienced the staggering generosity of community, Read about the pros and cons — and see great examples — of these two popular kitchen backsplash materials, See the wide range of ways in which homeowners are renovating their kitchens, Looking for something different from an all-white kitchen? They are also not "easy" finishes to work with, despite everyone and their brother using them. So you're looking for a floor option for your little home. The good news is the installer will have learned his lesson: do NOT under bid a project just to win it. Hence the suggestion to "water pop"... this basically wets the wood fiber, allowing it to re-open, however in OAK the soft grain will "pop" more than the hard grain, thus leaving a bit more fiber... standing at attention. A dull shine fits better with such living areas. It also looked like the actual stain in the can had just a tiny bit of a red undertone to it, so red undertone stain on top of red oak isn’t really a good combo. Pre-finished red oak has up to 10 layers of sealer that's treated with ultra-violet rays to increase its durability. IMO it is in the wood and you either replace the boards that give you this or just leave it and honestly most people will never notice after all done and furniture moved in . I no longer trust my installer, so I stopped the work and I am now trying sealers on my own. I am enclosing a photos of those black spots. Several dollars per square foot would be expected...then you add the $4-$5/sf for the finish. Even the wood version of the floor coverings offers considerable possibilities. That's how building law works. Discover (and save!) A water base finish will cause a rusting reaction with metal filings, shavings or dust. We used two coats on the new and three on the old to match the slightly darker old. 617-265-6088. Carefully draw the area you want to lay the new floor on. Hi experts, I have a newly installed red oak floor. In white oak, it softens the green/grey. IMO though you need a pro to refinish your floors. The low VOC, GREENGUARD certified, clear sealer highlights the natural color of wood, while minimizing grain raise and tannin bleed.